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Disconnecting Devices Can Lead to Computer Damage
It doesn’t matter whether you use a printer, scanner, or another kind of external device; all these devices come in handy when you need work done. They are suitable for many tasks and can be a b....
Laptop or Desktop - Which Is Better
It wasn’t but a number of years ago when all you had to use was a big box of tin, metal, or plastic, with a bunch of circuit boards inside. Then you had the choice of a big, bulky laptop or note....
How to Set Up a Wireless Network
If you have more than one computer in your home, you may want to consider setting it up as a wireless network. This way you don’t have to worry about wires getting all tangled up or you tripping....
Shutting Off Your Computer Can Cause Damage
You may not be aware of it, but every time you turn your computer off with the shut off button, instead of using the proper method of shutting down the operating system first, you risk damaging your h....
Missing File Retrieval
Many times users are working on their computers and they do one thing, suddenly they notice a file is missing. Take for example the file used for the calculator. There are those who use it and there a....
Outlook Express and Spell Check
Many people use Outlook Express for their email. It is a very common program for email. Businesses as well as consumers use it everyday. Outlook Express is a great email program, there is one bad part....
Wiping Files from Your Hard Drive
You decided to buy a new computer since the old one wasn’t running as well as it use to. You took off as much stuff from the hard drive of the old computer as you could, since you don’t wa....
About Using Printers
Nowadays, you not only need a computer to do your work, you also need a printer to see the results of your work. Although computer screens allow viewing of such work, this is only temporary. Often peo....
How a CPU Works
A CPU is very complex by the fact it does a lot of work. A CPU works by executing a series of steps or commands. These multiple commands are sometimes called complex instructions. An example of multip....
How Computer Memory Works
The main memory a PC uses is referred to as RAM. ROM is static memory that holds instructions for the computer to run. It is read-only and never loses its data because the commands are programmed into....
Installing a Blu-Ray Burner
If you are looking to install a blu-ray burner, there are a few things you will need to deal with. The first part is your display. Blu-ray’s hardware demands during playback are much more intens....
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