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Harry Husted - Expert in Computer Repair

Harry Husted is a unique and gifted writer and computer expert. He is able to connect to an energy source which allows him to produce unique, well written, and top notch work.

Harry started out many years ago as an electronics technician. He operated his own repair shop. Later, in the mid-eighties, when microprocessors started making the scene, Harry studied computer programming and repair. It wasn’t long before he switched from electronic repair to computer repair. Harry has worked as a computer technician for over 14 years. He has mastered everything that deals with computers and has been certified to work on computers. Harry taught computer repair in classrooms for four years and still does online.

Besides knowing how to repair computers, Harry also knows the basics of networking. Harry is able to install, set up, configure, and maintain a simple network comprised of a router, hub, or switch. Harry can also connect and set up a LAN and WAN.

Because Harry has such a skill in computers and electronics, as well as a keen sense of writing, he has combined the two together to provide people, especially those interested in learning about computers, the knowledge they need to fix a computer.

Harry currently resides in the Bronx part of NYC and is a self-employed writer, database developer, and educator. You can learn more about him by going to

Some of the books he has written:

Learn How to Repair Computers: Get Certified in 15 Weeks
How to Find and Start a Legitimate Home Business
Insider Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity

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Contact Information

3040 Hull Ave, Apt 4C Bronx, NY 10467
Phone :347-449-7779
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