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Introduction to My Column
In this column, I will be sharing with you ideas, stories, and studies on religion, spirituality and health from our research group at Duke and other groups from around the U.S. and the world. &n....
Beginning the Journey
Is religion good for your health? Throughout the years, scientists and clergy have provided quite different answers to this question.  On the one hand, I’ve heard clergy say that religious ....
Searching for Direction and Finding It
Since I had completed nearly half of medical school, I thought that I might try the health field again.  So, I got a job as an orderly (male nurse’s aide) on the night shift at the local ho....
Discovering How People Cope
After completing my family medicine training, I entered a faculty position at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, Illinois.  During this time, I began to realize that ....
Finding a New Relationship
In my last column, we kind of got side tracked into the research area.  I’d like to return now to my personal story.  Having lost the need to become involved in a co-dependent relation....
Starting a New Field of Medicine
Over the past 25 years, since the 1980’s, an entirely new field has developed within medicine, nursing, and psychology – the field of spirituality and health.  I’m proud to say ....
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Box 3400 Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina
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