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Who are you that you are qualified to touch me?
Spa services have made a huge impact in the last decade and you can find day spas as readily as finding a hair salon these days. But who are those people who are allowed to do those things to me? And ....
You want to do what to me?
Without giving away my age ... when I left the old country nobody over there ever lived together without being married! Not so in the USA! America was free thinking in regard to “those things&rd....
Day Spa versus Drugstore or Department store
As a mother you are probably also responsible for your household budget and spending for yourself is probably one of the last items on your list when you go shopping, especially in these economic tryi....
So you want to be pampered?
Going to the local day spa is luxury – indulgence – getting pampered – feeling guilty! Sounds familiar? Spas are for the rich and famous – that is what they used to say! What ....
Executive Director of the Day Spa Association
As the Executive Director of the Day Spa Association, I thought I turn to some of our “accredited day spas and our trend spotters to see if they have some tips for you mothers out there – ....
Everyone Deserves a Massage
Choosing the correct treatment for you – if you are new to the day spa scene relax and start with a simple massage … nice and easy! Getting a massage may feel like a pampering treat, b....
Choosing the correct treatment for you
Choosing the correct treatment for you – now you are a bit familiar with the spa scene and more comfortable asking questions, but not quite sure yet what a facial involves? Try a simple Europea....
ROADBLOCK 1: I feel selfish if I focus on me
  “I feel like I’m neglecting my family if I even go for a walk - I think I should be reading a book to my kids instead of wandering the neighborhood like some kind of selfish indivi....
ROADBLOCK 2: I have to do everything because no one else does anything right
Raise your hand if you believe you’re the only one who can do “it” right—cook dinner, clear the table, supervise those cello lessons. What’s that about? Why are we so con....
ROADBLOCK 3: Being busy is a good distraction
Without being aware of it, many of us keep frantically busy so we don’t have to stop and face ourselves. I first discovered this when I was leading women’s retreats. When we stay focused o....
ROADBLOCK 4: I have to be great at everything
Did you ever see that old commercial with the woman singing, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never ever let him forget he’s a man?” It would always make me cra....
What in the world is this?
Ayurveda Face & Body Renewal Massage This treatment is a really long, lingering massage that offers both deep stress relief, plus a simultaneous complexion improvement treatment.   Thi....
Ahh the Spaaahhh!
“Help I am just so tired and worn out! I have five year old son and a 1 year old daughter and they are so busy!”   I have heard this so many times from Mothers in my spa.  The....
Tips for mothers
As the Executive Director of the Day Spa Association, I thought I turn to some of our “accredited day spas and our trend spotters to see if they have some tips for you mothers out there – ....
Everyone Desrves Massage
Getting a massage may feel like a pampering treat, but the real value of a massage is the contribution it makes toward staying healthy and youthful. Experts estimate that 90% of disease is stress r....
Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery Strategies for shaving years off your appearance.
“My 50th birthday is just around the corner, and my 30th high-school reunion is a few months away.” “I’ve been thrown back in the dating scene after all these years, and I&rsq....
Make a Date with Yourself
Make time in your hectic schedule to do something for you. Schedule a once a week stress less bath.  Lock the bathroom door. Fill the tub with soothing and fragrant lavender bath salts or oils. ....
What's new in the world of skin care ingredients for 2009?
Plenty! 2009 will see its fair share of ingredients containing berries (antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids) and peptides (stimulate collagen and promote repair) galore. The most exciting wa....
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