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Strength Training
As many of you know, strength training produces many positive benefits including but not limited to increases in strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, bone density, insulin sensitivity and reduc....
Sugar, not fat, is the villain
While we all know that candy and soda are bad for our kids as well as for us, what is it about these foods that makes them so terrible? There is usually very little, if any, fat in these foods. We hav....
Ten Things Women Can Do To Lose 10 Fast
1.    Strength train, meaning, lift weights twice per week. Try my Slow Burn Method 2.    Eat no more than 60 grams of carbohydrates a day mainly from fruits and veggi....
To all Moms!
I receive a plethora of emails weekly from women asking my advice on how to get svelte, skinny and shapely especially after a pregnancy. Recently the sister of one of my friends engaged me in a dialog....
Here Come the Holidays
Ah the winter holidays. A time of joy, a time of cheer and for many a time of massive weight gain. There are ways around this. Why spoil all the fun of the upcoming festivities by eating in a m....
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