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Is It Dangerous?
Probably the most common question people ask about scuba diving is “how dangerous is it?” Well….obviously anything that takes us underwater, where we cannot breath air naturally,....
Where To Get Trained?
So you have decided to literally take the plunge and learn to scuba dive! With that decision out of the way, the next ones are who to get trained with & which certifying agency to use. This ca....
Scuba Diving - What Next?
Well that was quite exciting – you are now a qualified scuba diver and probably wondering what to do next…. Should you take the additional courses that the dive shop you trained with i....
Scuba Diving - Joining a Dive Club
The best way to get more dive experience and make friends is to join a dive club. Dive Clubs used to be independent groups of people who joined together to go diving, but these days most clubs seem....
Underwater Photography - Getting Started
The advent of digital technology has revolutionized photography and nowhere is this revolution more evident than underwater. Not so long ago underwater cameras were reserved to a select few divers who....
Underwater Photography - DSLR or DigiCam
There are two basic options when considering a digital camera to take underwater – digital single lens reflex (DSLR) or digital compact camera (digicam). Both have advantages & disadvantages....
Underwater Photography - Megapixels: How many do you need?
Marketing is a wonderful thing…. and the digicam manufacturers have been using the number of megapixels in their cameras as their major marketing tool for many years. After all, a 10 MP camera ....
Underwater Photography - Dynamic Range; What Is It?
Very simply stated, dynamic range is the ability to deal with very bright & dark areas at the same time and an example would be an image that contained the sun at the top and some dark areas at th....
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