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Yippee! I just won the lottery!
Have you ever received a letter in the mail that claims you just won a foreign lottery?  The compelling letter offers instructions for claiming your prize - all you have to do is pay for taxes, f....
The News is Filled with the Shocking Revelation
The news is filled with the shocking revelation that the former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange admitted to running a Ponzi scam. A Ponzi scam uses money from new investors to pay for high rates....
Nigerian Email Scams
I was looking through my email the other day and couldn’t believe my eyes…….after investigating Nigerian fraud scam letters for over twenty years, I actually received on myself!&nb....
Jury Duty Fraud
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning the public about an ongoing scheme involving jury duty.  Fraudsters will call individuals, will identify themselves as U.S. court employees, and wil....
Another new spin on phishing
With many people being much more careful about opening and clicking on links in unsolicited emails (phishing attacks), the crooks have to keep getting more creative to steal your money. The newest tw....
Banking Fraud
Think the crooks only use high-tech tools to get your money?  Think again!  Criminals can use very low-tech tools to steal tens of thousands of dollars from bank accounts.  The so-calle....
Do not Fall for a Work from Home Scam!
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently issued a warning of an increase in schemes to recruit people to receive and transmit unauthorized transfers from checking accounts to individu....
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