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You Are the Only Power Over Your Life : Consciousness

“Nothing moves except Mind.”

When this thought first bubbled up in my mind, it startled me.

I had been contemplating the idea that consciousness being infinite, there couldn’t be anything outside of it. But this took it to a new level. Not only could there not be anything outside of consciousness, there can’t be anything other than consciousness (or Mind, in the absolute sense).

I found my attention drawn to my hand and I moved it. Then I realized that my hand hadn’t moved, my mind had. There was an impulse in thought, which was translated into electrical and neurochemical impulses, that then traveled down my spinal cord and cascaded through my nervous system, resulting in a message being sent to the muscles of my hand… “Move.”

Then I remembered the ‘phantom limb’ phenomenon, which is where people who have lost limbs still feel the presence of the limb, and sometimes even have pain or itching in the missing limb. How is this possible? Because the experience of the limb is all in their mind.

I continued this exercise, moving through my whole body, realizing that every action, every function, was not really the activity of my body, it was the activity of my consciousness translated into material expression. The beating of my heart was an activity of consciousness, the breathing of my lungs was an activity of consciousness – indeed my whole body was happening in my consciousness.

This led to another realization: the body doesn’t give us life, our consciousness gives the body life.

The heart or lungs can’t give or take my life away; of themselves, they have no life. Take my consciousness out of it, and neither the heart nor the lungs can function. The eyes don’t allow me to see, nor do the ears allow me to hear, because without my consciousness they are nothing but inert matter. It is my consciousness that sees and hears.

As I followed this beyond my body, I could see that every activity in the ‘body of affairs’; every creation, every relationship, all of the comings and goings of my life, were first a movement of my consciousness. Nothing, no action, no reaction, no creation could enter my experience except as a movement first in my consciousness.
Then another thought occurred to me: “My hand can’t turn and attack me.”

That seemed strange at first until I realized the implications. Why can’t my hand turn and attack me? Because it has no power of itself. It’s nothing until my consciousness moves through and as it. I am the creator, it is the creation. I am cause, it is effect.

That led naturally to the realization that nothing in my body can turn and attack me – not a heart, not my lungs, not a germ or a virus. All of that is inert until I give it life through my consciousness. And that led to the realization that nothing in my ‘body of affairs’ can have any power over me either. Nothing ‘out there’ – all of which is an effect of my consciousness – can do anything to me.

Then a line from scripture surfaced, a line spoken by Jesus to Pontius Pilate when he was on trail. Pilate told him that he had the power to give him life or take it away, and Jesus responded with:

“Thou couldst have no power over me lest it was given thee from above.”

Now the metaphysical meaning of ‘above’ means higher consciousness, the divine consciousness that isn’t caught up in the human, material world. And I realized that was the witness consciousness I was experiencing; the consciousness that wasn’t identified with form, but was the energy that moved all form, the cause behind all effect.

All power, all substance, all creative energy, all causation lies in consciousness. Nothing happens untilconsciousness moves. Nobody and nothing ‘out there’ has any ability to determine our life experience.

The ONLY power over our life, on every level, is in our consciousness. We are always at the point of power; we are the center of our universe and the source of all that flows into it.

I know this is pretty heady stuff, but experiment with it yourself and see where it leads you!

Stay Inspired!

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