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Opening Your Art - Part II
Feed the “Starving Artist” But feeding the starving artist in you goes beyond merely the monetary aspects. If you harbor a withholding consciousness toward yourself in this area, you&rsqu....
You Are the Only Power Over Your Life
“Nothing moves except Mind.” When this thought first bubbled up in my mind, it startled me. I had been contemplating the idea that consciousness being infinite, there couldn’t be a....
From Problem-Solving to Spiritually Evolving - Part I
We’ve been brought up to believe that the best way to advance our life and work is to solve the problems that inevitably present themselves. Seems logical enough. An obstacle appears, we attack ....
From Problem-Solving to Spiritually Evolving Part II
Our problems aren’t the problem. Our enemies aren’t the enemy. The truth is that ‘the enemy is in our own household’, meaning it’s in us, in our consciousness. There are ....
From Me, The Person to We, The People - Part I
As I watch the ongoing healthcare debate, the angry townhall meetings, the well-monied corporate lobbyists, and the political infighting that seems so often to have much more to do with defeating each....
From Me, The Person to We, The People - Part II
The only way that looking out for number one can work is if we first recognize that the one we need to look out for is the whole of humanity. We are one vast organism, not many separate ones. Although....
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