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Hello again, Bizymoms! Happy to be back. Let’s take a step back this week and talk about where your ideas will come from. No time for wellspring meditation courses? Can’t quite fit that MF....
It is all a PLOT!
Hello Bizymoms! Thought I’d use this month to begin a talk about plot construction. I’m often asked by new writers whether I use any kind of “rules” or “formulas.”....
It is all a PLOT! - Part Two
Greetings, Bizymoms! So, last time we covered the basic plot line. This time, let me add a wrinkle, courtesy again of Robert McKee. The idea here is to create a link between your Inciting Incident (a....
Great Scenes
First some great news: my forthcoming teen series debut, THE BOOK OF NONSENSE (Oct. 14th) has been named by The Association of Booksellers for Children to its Best Books of 2008 list! Okay, thought I....
Thought I'd take up a touchy subject: Censorship. This because there are rumors floating about in Internetland about my new teen series, SACRED BOOKS, being banned (Volume I, THE BOOK OF NONSENSE, has....
Week I
Greetings! My name is David Michael Slater, and I’m pleased to join Busymoms. I’ll be dropping in twice a month with some thoughts for those of you folks interested in adding writing to th....
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