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Cliff Figallo - Expert in Online Knowledge Sharing

Cliff Figallo is recognized as an early influential leader in establishing online communities and pioneering the social Web. He realized in the years prior to the establishment of the Internet that people willingly traded what they knew through through the channels of computers and electronic networks, and he has incorporated the practice of knowledge exchange in all of his work since that time.

Cliff's experience with online community began in 1986 when he became Director of The WELL, which has become legendary as the groundbreaking example of how electronic connections supported deep and complex social relationships, with its members sharing ideas, advice, expertise and mutual support day-in and day-out. Since his six years in that position, Cliff has worked on the cutting edge of social technology with large clients including America Online, Institute for the Future, Salon.com and Cisco Systems as well as many smaller clients - mostly non-profits - whose online knowledge sharing communities have contributed to their overall success.

In 2002, with his partner Nancy Rhine (co-founder of Women.com), he wrote Building the Knowledge Management Network, which explored the productive use of online conversation within organizations. Today, the environment often called Web 2.0, affirms most of that book's predictions for where social technology was headed. The increasing use of Weblogs, social networks and wikis within large corporations - Enterprise 2.0 - is a recognition that people who are comfortable with online media are willing to spend much of their time sharing what they know  with others, and that within organizations, such collaborative interaction can provide tremendous business value. This is the territory where Cliff currently does most of his work.

Busy moms are a prime population for sharing good ideas through the Web. They fit the criteria of a "community of practice," where members of the community face many of the same challenges and are constantly inventing new ways to meet them. Cliff was, for 5 years, a single working father and - through his second marriage - he now has two working mothers in his extended family. He's personally familiar with the needs to multitask, constantly reschedule, balance commitments, change personalities on the fly, and keep one's priorities straight while under pressure from several directions. Learning from one's peers - and getting support, tips and encouragement from them - is one of the wonderful potentials of online community.

Cliff lives in northern California and his interests range from bicycling to music to climate change. He has four sons, four daughters by marriage, and a grand total (so far) of 8 grandchildren.

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