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Technical Writing v. Technical Communications
Technical writing is technical communications. They are the same field, even though most job descriptions refer to technical writers. The distinction between the two isn’t important for those ou....
Technical Writing Defined
Although “technical writing” is a phrase that’s easy enough to understand, it’s actually much more complex than just writing that covers a “technical” type of topic....
Purpose and Audience
The first step to writing any technical communication is defining the purpose and the audience for the communication you are tasked with developing. With strict deadlines for most projects, it may see....
Excellent grammar is a characteristic that every technical communication requires. Poor grammar will cause a reader to stumble over the text, and possibly frustrate the reader enough to walk away from....
The tone, or writing style, used for documents is an important characteristic to consider when starting any project. Tone is generally defined by word-choice, but it can also be influenced by the desi....
Organization Profile: STC
For most career paths and fields of study, there are organizations to join and become active in. Technical writing has several relevant organizations, but one of the most prominent organizations is th....
Graphics, Tables, & Charts
Many technical documents benefit from the use of visual cues beyond just text, such as graphics, photographs, tables, charts, diagrams, and other relevant objects. The inclusion of these objects serve....
File Formats
A main goal for every technical writer is to make sure text-focused documents are accessible by every intended reader, whether the document is distributed via print or electronic files. It’s imp....
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