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Pre-School Explorers
Pre-school children are fascinating to watch.  The energy that they have is amazing.  They are little scientists exploring in this great laboratory of life.  Remember that young childre....
Pre-school Play
These early years, before a child goes to kindergarten, are the most important years of their entire life.  A child who is two and a half years old is bursting with the desire to, bang, hit, dump....
Little Pitchers Have Big Ears
When I was a child, the saying “little pitchers have big ears” was quite popular.  That was in the days when children were not as much a part of daily family conversations as they are....
To Understand or Misunderstand - That is the Question
The pre-school child is in a state of learning at all times.  We as adults do most things automatically because we have done our routines over and over, day after day.  We can not expect you....
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Carolyn Finch, MS, SLP 51 Cedar Drive Danbury, CT 06811
(203) 791-2756
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