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Importance of Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant without preparation is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute and hoping for the best! There are so many factors that help to insure a healthy pregnancy and positive childbearing experience. However, many couples blindly go down this path and then are surprised when things go awry.

In life, there are many things we cannot control. Despite our best efforts, some things are beyond our reach. However, there are many things you can control and piece of mind is one of them.

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy is important on many fronts. First of all, research shows that positive lifestyle changes can actually improve your chances of getting pregnant.  Eating a wide variety of plant foods, exercising moderately and learning how to positively handle stress can affect both men and women’s ability to conceive a child.

Secondly, getting your life in order to welcome a new baby in a healthy home environment is a great way to start a family. Relationship conflicts can be addressed, financial preparation can avoid panic down the road and health care issues can be taken care of before pregnancy begins in order to afford the best protection for a healthy and happy childbearing experience.

Are you at risk for having a baby with a genetic disorder? Check with your physician and learn about your genealogy for improving your odds of having a baby without these problems. Have you had the chicken pox or measles? Now is the time to get vaccinated if you have not developed antibodies to these common childhood diseases. Are you overweight or already compromised by a chronic condition? Learn how pregnancy can either help your condition or make it worse and take steps to improve your health status as well as any changes you will need to make once you are pregnant. Do you smoke cigarettes? Take advantage of the many tools for being able to kick this habit. Are you taking any medications that will negatively impact a pregnancy? Check with your health care provider and see if there are healthier alternatives.

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy will save you lots of grief down the road. So, don’t just leave your pregnancy to chance! By assessing your lifestyle and making changes that positively impact you and your growing family you will have the piece of mind of knowing you did everything you needed to in order to start a healthy family. And if for some reason things do not go the way you intended, by improving your health and lifetyle prior to pregnancy, you are able to better cope with any challenges that may come your way.

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