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Benefits of Staying Fit during the Childbearing Year

Nothing rattles a woman more than the prospect of gaining weight.  And pregnancy is no exception.  For sedentary women, pregnancy can be a major motivator to get moving.  For those of you who already lead an active lifestyle, there is fear of losing the body you worked so hard to attain.

Whether you’re a couch potato or a marathon runner, pregnancy is full of unknowns.  The good news is that whether you are preparing for your first pregnancy, your second or getting ready to welcome your third or fourth child, if you have a sensible health and fitness plan, you can improve or maintain your fitness level, support a healthy pregnancy and keep your body in great shape for the shape you’re in!

Top 10 benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  1. Prepares the body for the increasing demands of pregnancy
    The stronger and more fit a woman is in the early months of pregnancy, the less problems she has in adjusting to the physical demands of pregnancy.
  2. Prevents excess weight gain
    Exercise moderately 20 - 40 minutes three to five times a week to limit excess weight gain.
  3. Reduces pregnancy-related discomforts
    Studies indicate that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy have less low-back, leg or pelvic discomfort.
  4. Easier labor and delivery
    Women who continue regular exercise throughout pregnancy need less pain relief during labor, have a lower chance of induced labors, episiotomies, abnormal fetal heart rates and the need for forceps and cesareans.
  5. Improves mood and attitude
    Pregnant women and new mothers who exercise tend to have a positive attitude. 
  6. Increases ability to sleep
    leep is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. 
  7. Strengthens immune function
    Most exercising pregnant women have less colds, flu syndromes, sinusitis and bronchitis. However, women who exercise too strenuously, have an increased risk of upper respiratory infections. Moderation is the key to health!
  8. Boosts energy levels
    Women who exercise throughout pregnancy seem to be more organized, accomplish more tasks and feel more energetic than sedentary women.
  9. Enhances fetal brain development
    The sound and vibratory stimuli in utero as a result of exercise may accelerate baby’s brain development. Studies show better performance on standardized intelligence tests and oral language skills in baby’s born to exercising moms.
  10. Healthier pregnancy and postpartum recovery
    Exercise keeps the body functioning at optimal levels. Pregnant women who exercise throughout pregnancy have less pregnancy-related complications, feel good and easily shape up after delivery.

For more information about pregnancy fitness, visit www.motherwellfitness.com

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