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How Writing A Book Will Give You Instant Credibility & Expert Status
If you’re a coach, consultant, sales person or entrepreneur you know most of your customers will hire you based on trust and credibility. That’s great but what if they don’t know who....
How To Be A Rich Author
I probably don’t have to tell you because you probably already know that most authors are broke. In fact most books don’t even break even. This is because most broke authors depend only on....
Why You Must Have a Website If You Write a Book
Being an author can be a painful existence if you don’t make money but it doesn’t have to be that way with the right knowledge. I teach classes and workshops on how to write, publish and m....
How I Started Making a 6 Figure Income Part Time As An Author
It is a sad fact that most authors don’t make a lot of money from the royalties of their books. In fact the majority of authors don’t even sell over 100 copies of their book. This is a tra....
Problems Can Make You Rich As an Author
People are always trying to avoid their problems. I hear many say they will be able to get their life back to normal once they get this problem out of the way. But what most don’t realize is tha....
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