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Tools of Your Trade
There is no work that I can think of which doesn’t involve some sort of tool or prop or machine. Whether it’s a computer, a ladder, a camera or a chisel, humans continue to devise tools to....
Spotting Opportunities
Opportunities are floating around everywhere, yet they remain invisible to those who aren’t seeking them. Very often they appear as a problem needing a solution. Several summers ago, college st....
Finding a Better Way
When you decide to follow the path of self-employment, old notions that you can only make a living working for someone else may not be the only thought you need to leave behind. Your idea of what it t....
Staying Curious
On the day that my daughter left for college, she tucked a card in my dresser drawer that said, “Thanks for being such a great mother, a great friend, a great teacher and student.” I&rsquo....
Welcoming Customers
You’d think that every entrepreneur would consider it essential to welcome potential buyers and clients to their business, but experience shows that’s not always the case. Browse at any fl....
It is Not Where You Are... It is Who You Are
LIke most Americans, I grew up with frequent reminders that I was living in the land of opportunity. Sometimes my elders even mentioned that the free enterprise system was what set us apart from strug....
Growing Into Your Vision
There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast withers as rapidly; that which grows slowly endures. J.S. Holland    My granddaugh....
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