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A Bizymom's Exclusive Interview with April L. Gregory

1. what exactly is the difference between marketing plan and formula?

A marketing plan contains the formula.  I call it formula because I believe that marketing is part art and part science while some consultants make it one or the other.  There are so many components to marketing that a formula is necessary to achieve specific results for various outcomes.

2. how to introduce a product without advertising?

It depends.  However, education marketing is a wonderful way to introduce a product or service without advertising.  In fact, education marketing is at the top of my list as long as you’re really educating the prospective customers and not just trying to sell your product.  Endorsements, strategic alliances, blogs and social networking are other great ways to introduce a product without advertising

3. how can business owners get better results in money invested in marketing?

There is no short answer to this but they can start by creating a ROI tracking system to see the return on investment.  I see business owners investing money in marketing but never really tracking its’ effectiveness.  Another thing is keeping a mindset of leverage.  It’s all about leveraging everything that’s been done in the past, that you’re doing now and will be done in the future.  

4. what is the best marketing plan for a small business run by a female entrepreneur?

There is not ONE good plan.  It’s all about having a great marketing mix and a system to implement from that marketing mix.  That’s why I am currently creating a program for business owners to learn how to schedule their success—which involves making good use of their calendar but specifically addressing implementation of that marketing mix.  

Also, I highly recommend female entrepreneurs to employ social marketing, social networking and social media into their current marketing mix

5. you have clients ranging from churches to spas. How can one get started on improving business in current uncertain economic conditions?

I have several answers to this question.  In fact, I can spend days talking about this because people are still buying.  People buy what they feel is valuable to them.  Small business owners cannot afford to focus on what’s not working—we must focus on what is working and keep doing more of the same.  

This is certainly a time for  small business owners to create lean operations but commit to servicing it’s customer—whether that means repositioning themselves in the marketplace or trimming the fat in their operations. They’ve got to stay in touch with their current customer base.  Find ways to create community with current customers. Stay visible.  Out of sight is out of mind.

6. can you briefly tell us about AGCG and ACI International school of marketing?

AG Consulting Group is a consulting group run and managed by me.  We’re problem solvers and experts with various levels of experience.  The solutions we create as a group are as unique as our clients needs.  About April.  April Gregory has invoked the successes of many including multi-million dollar producing spas to individuals in the United States Marine Corps.  April’s Personal Mission:To create solutions that are strategic and unique to my client needs  -- To blend approaches for the best end result -- To stay on the edge of technology trends and marketing information that keeps me sharp  --To serve the highest good of my clients--To do great work; for great pay; in a wonderful way--everyday!

AGI International School of Marketing is a certificate program based on a curriculum I had developed for my clients.  I wanted to leave the businesses with a process to follow after I worked with them.  In other words, I didn’t want the client to be dependent on me for success so I developed a step-by-step marketing process for that marketing manager to implement while I provided support to them.  It helped me to be more effective if I had a process to train non-marketing managers and marketing managers.  help business owners and consutlants

7. what is energy clearing? And how would it help moms in particular? 

Energy clearing and energy management is extremely important for our day to day success.  Negative energy is known to store itself in our bodies—creating emotional drains and negative emotional memory that will keep us stuck in a negative pattern.  Energy clearing also known as EFT (emotional freedom technique)  is a process where we tap out negative emotional experiences and tap in positive emotional experiences using meridian points.  This process was developed by Gary Craig
Moms are sometimes overloaded with work, life, kids, family and career.  Energy clearing is a deeper level stress management process that helps me to get the core of what could be sabotaging a mom’s success.

8. can you briefly explain what is "manifesting money"? 

This is one of my favorite topics.  Manifesting money is a balanced program where we focus on money only.  I use a spiritual process to help business owners and professionals release their negative experiences and expectation with money in order to allow themselves to receive more of it.  Most times the limitations that the business owner is experiencing is within them.  Once we lift the barriers, the client will start to experience a better relationship with money and how much they allow into their experience.

9. what are your other interests?

Social networking/social marketing is one of my newest interests. 

10. how do you balance work, family and other commitments?

With a schedule.  I schedule everything.  In fact, we’re launching a program called “Schedule Your Success Now”  --which is a process I use to balance work, family and other commitments.


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