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Keeping The Sparkle in Gem & Jewelry Purchase - II
As we discussed in my first piece, when buying jewelry it is very important to find someone who is a gemologist, or has a gemologist working for them. This is your best assurance of receiving reliable....
Keeping The Sparkle in Gem & Jewelry Purchases - Part III
As we discussed, the key to buying with confidence is following a 3-step approach: 1) learn what questions to ask; 2) know what to get in writing; and 3) know how to confirm what you’ve been tol....
Keeping The Sparkle in Gem & Jewelry Purchases - Part IV
We’ve been discussing the 3-step process that you need to follow to assure you know what you are buying when you buy gems or jewelry. We’ve already discussed the importance of buying only ....
Jewelry Insurance - What You Don't Know Can Be Costly!
For most people, nothing is more upsetting than discovering the loss of a favorite piece of jewelry, or worse yet, the theft of many wonderful pieces…nothing, that is, except learning that they....
Gems and Jewelry Pose New Consumer Threats - Investment Fraud and Misleading Laboratory Documentation
No one in the gem and jewelry industry can deny the reality of the changing marketplace.  Recent research shows that sales from online venues such as eBay and Yahoo! are increasing rapidly. It ta....
Misleading "lab reports" enable the unscrupulous to profit
One thing we are seeing is the use of misleading “laboratory documentation” to create a false sense of seller reliability and product quality assurance. Seemingly legitimate, the professio....
Caring for Pearls to Keep them Lustrous
Pearls are a favorite gift for Moms, but improper care can cause damage. Here are a few tips from The Pearl Book (GemStone Press) that will ensure lasting beauty. If you follow this practical advice, ....
How to Keep Your Diamond Clean
Keeping your diamond ring clean is essential if you want it to sparkle to its fullest.  Film from lotions, powders, and your own skin oils will dull stones and reduce their brilliance.  As w....
Keep Jewelry Safe While Traveling
When traveling, it is important to take a few extra steps to protect your jewelry and prevent heartache. Here are some simple, practical rules that you should follow carefully.  Let’s star....
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