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Alexander Anolik

Alexander Anolik, a seasoned trial attorney, is widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent travel attorneys in the world. He is president of one of the largest U.S. law corporations emphasizing the practice of travel law and travel industry litigation, with a travel law support staff including attorneys, consultants, paralegals and industry trained registration assistants in his San Francisco, California offices.

Mr. Anolik received his Juris Doctor degree from Hastings Law School, San Francisco in 1967. He studied International Law at the University of California, Boalt Hall, and the Academia Internationalis Lex et Scientia, The Hague, Netherlands, in 1971. He is a member of the California and Washington D.C. Bars, and is admitted to practice in several Federal District Courts, U.S. Tax Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

His international expertise in “travel law” became widely known to the travel industry when he prevailed in two landmark cases: American Society of Travel Agents v. The Bank of America, 385 F.Supp. 1084 (N.D.Cal. 1974), a case restricting national banks from engaging in the travel agency business; and Foremost vs. Qantas, limiting carrier antitrust immunity.

In 1977, Mr. Anolik wrote the first comprehensive text on travel law, The Law and the Travel Industry. It is a guide for travel agents, consumers and attorneys covering basic laws governing the travel industry. The Fourth Edition published in 1995 includes State Travel Promoter and Seller of Travel legal requirements for outside agents. Prentice-Hall has commissioned a revised edition of The Law and the Travel Industry for University use to be published in 2008.

Mr. Anolik’s new books, The Frequent Traveler's Guide and Traveler’s Rights: Your Legal Guide to Fair Treatment and Full Value (Legal Survival Guides) are now available from Amazon.com and are sold at Barnes & Noble, Borders and most other major bookstores.

He is the author of a 10 ½ hour cassette album of seminar tapes, Preventive Legal Care™ for Travel Agents, which includes a booklet of sample contracts and forms, as well as a seven-hour seminar tape with syllabi, Outside Sales: Issues & Answers and a four-hour tape with syllabi, Evaluating a Travel Agency. He has also written a training text for colleges and vocational schools titled Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Law, and co-authored a complete agency personnel and procedures manual called A Personnel and Operations Manual for Travel Agencies, that has been incorporated and offered by ARTA (the Association of Retail Travel Agents) as their official members procedure manual. He is co-author of The Official Outside Sales Manual, published in 1992, 1994, 1996, and the Fourth Revised Edition in 1999 that summarizes current state travel laws, distributed by AAA for various agencies.

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Contact Information

Anolik Law Corporation 2107 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 200 San Francisco, California 94109-2572
Phone :(415) 673-3333
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