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Event Planning

Family Reunion Organizing

Do you believe you are good at organizing? If yes, why don’t you consider starting your own reunion business? Does it sound easy? Then you may not have organized a reunion in your life. Don’t think it’s easy. You may work as a detective sometimes to track down everybody, a project manager sometimes to organize the entire event and also a financial controller to set up a budget and spend accordingly. However if you are a versatile character who enjoys dealing with people this may be the perfect job for you.

As a reunion organizer you will be engaged in many types of reunions such as family reunions, company reunions, wartime reunions…..etc. Therefore it is vital that you understand the attendees and their behavioural patterns before organizing any reunion. Generally the business starts when your client sends you a list of prospective attendees including information available as per his/ her knowledge. The difficulty level of your work will largely depend upon the accuracy and comprehensiveness of this information.

Provided you have organised the attendee details, the next step would be to do initial planning of the event. This includes fixing the date and location, selecting a theme …etc. You need to survey the opinions and ideas of the attendees. For example the selected date should be the most convenient one for most of them. Further the event is guaranteed to be more successful if you could select a location where they used to unite in the past. However you need to make arrangements for travel and accommodation for the out of town attendees. This should be in your mind when you decide the location.

Then you may invite the attendees individually. Creating an invitation, sending it to the attendees, verifying whether they have received it, reminding them afterwards, all this could be tedious but you need to work out a plan in order to ensure that no one is neglected or missed out.

While the attendees confirm their participation you can work on the planning of activities on the day. Assigning duties to attendees can help you reduce your workload and it motivates the attendees to actively participate in the event as well. Scheduling the meals and fun activities involves your organisation skills as well as the creativity. Any suggested activity should be suitable for the audience. Further in many reunions the attendees are given tokens, certificates or favors in order to appreciate their participation. Therefore attention should be given for this aspect if applicable.

Any event requires special financing. Managing money is a critical aspect of this type of an event since there is always the tendency to overstep the allocated amount. Therefore starting from the preparation of the budget, attention should be given so that you can avoid running out of money at the end. Every decision which involves money should be taken after considering the budget.

Is that all? Not really. After the event there are couple of things more to be done. An evaluation of the event should be carried out in order to find out what to improve. The feedback of the attendees may be ideal for this.

Send a thank you card to each of the attendees, especially the ones who voluntarily helped deserve an appreciation for their effort. You may think this is not so important but this is the last impression you create in the minds of the attendees which may be the only thing they remember about you.

Find out more on reunion organizing in the following links. Reunion_ Organizer_101/

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Event Planning
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