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Take Time for Mom!

With out mom, there is no business…and we’ve all heard the old saying “When mom ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!”

This is where we asked our mom entrepreneurs what they do to stay sane and keep a smile on their face.

Do you have a business routine? Set hours? Set days off?
Some people thrive on routine; others just ride on the waves of life. When running a business, it’s obvious that some routine is required. Let’s see to what degree our Mom Entrepreneurs stick to a routine.
Do you have a scheduled "time out" from work and children each week?
Yep, sometimes mom needs a time out too. Of course, no one has to send her there – she goes quite willingly!
How do other family members fit into the big picture of mom getting some time out?
Everyone can pitch in to make sure mom has some time off. Family members can even create special time by cooking the evening meal or choosing to watch mom’s favorite movie for a change.
What hobbies do you enjoy?
Everyone needs time to themselves. What do you enjoy doing with your “down time?” Do you read, sew, do crossword puzzles? Let’s find out what our mom entrepreneurs had to say about hobbies and home business.
Do you and your spouse schedule "together" time into your weekly routine?
There’s a lot to be said for spontaneity, but it’s kind of hard to be spontaneous, if you are never together. Having a special time planned just for sharing and caring is important for both a healthy marriage and a happy business. I think our moms all agreed on this one.
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