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Marriage and Business
Here is what our seasoned Mom Entrepreneurs had to say on the delicate topics of business, marriage and support from their spouse.
How did your husband first react to the idea of you starting your own business?
Having support from those closest to you right at the beginning is very important. Our Mom Entrepreneurs all know the value of a supportive spouse.
In what ways did your spouse help you get your business started?
Help comes in many packages. From a pat on the back or a hug to a new website and financial support, our moms received plenty of help from their spouses.
Is your husband a legal partner in your business?
Marriage is a partnership and businesses can be too, but what about your spouse as a business partner? Let’s see what some of our Mom Entrepreneurs had to say.
Have you “outsourced” any of your business to your husband...
Have you “outsourced” any of your business to your husband, hiring him either as an independent contractor or an employee? Any advice on this arrangement for our readers?
How do you budget your business income allowing for business reinvestment...
Keeping your business budget and your family budget on track can be a real juggling act! Here’s what our Mom Entrepreneurs think about family and business money.
Final words on marriage, husbands and business.
This is such an important topic that I asked our bizy business owners to offer any last minute advice to our readers.
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