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Business Organization.

Deciding how to structure your business can be complicated. Are you partner material? Do you need a partner? Should you incorporate or just maintain a sole proprietor business? What are the tax advantages involved with each choice? Below are several articles written with these questions in mind. Use them to make an informed decision.

Finding Your Ideal Business Partner

Partnering with other people brings you a golden opportunity to start up your business.

General Partnerships or Limited Partnerships-The Choice Is Yours

The world of business consists of mainly three types of entities.

What Should Be Included In A Partnership Agreement?
A partnership agreement, if singed, is one of the most informative documents regarding a partnership business.
Women Entrepreneures And Business Partnerships
A partnership is characterized by mutual cooperation, understanding and individual responsibility.
Corporations and the IRS
One of the biggest advantages of a business being a corporation is the separate legal entity status which allows it to act as just like an individual.
What is a Non-Profit - Do you qualify?
A Non-Profit corporation differs from a standard corporation due to the non existence of a profit motive.
LLC Vs Corporation -Which one is right for you?
The biggest risk of conducting a business is having to sacrifice your personal assets to cover up the debts of the business in case of a liquidation.
Uniform Partnership Act
Partnerships in every state but Louisiana is governed by the revised versions of the Uniform Partnership Act (UPA) which was initiated in 1914.
Sole Proprietorships
Starting a Sole Proprietorship is the easiest way to set up a business. As a result the most common of all business legal structures is the sole proprietorship.
S Corporations
An S corporation is another type of corporation which has similarities to both C corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC).
Avoid problems - sign a partnership agreement!
According to the law, a business partnership can be initiated with just an oral agreement. However it is always better to go for a written document.
Balance your business through a Partnership
Winning the business world on your own is something which is achieved by exceptional people.
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