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According to Wallstreet Words, an entrepreneur is “A risk-taker who has the skills and initiative to establish a business.” At Bizymoms.com, we recognize those skills and encourage that initiative in every mom who visits our website.

Now, with the launch of our new Mom Entrepreneur Section, Bizymoms celebrates the successful woman business owner. You found the courage to try, saw your dream become a reality… but what now? Now, it is time to grow!

Mom Entrepreneur is all about the growth of your business. From hiring employees, to finding new markets, and outsourcing to motivating your team, you will find inspiration here!

Other items in our ME section include our Expert Corner, RSS feeds of daily business news, resources to help you get started key areas of business and advice and comments from other mom entrepreneurs just like you.

However, last but most importantly, we have included plenty of places for you to toot your own horn! Send us your success story or latest press release and we will add it to our ME pages. Then you can send the link to everyone you know and say “See, I’m a Mom Entrepreneur and Proud of it!”

Latest Expert Articles

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