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Business Success Club

Bizymoms values the success of Mom Entrepreneurs like you! For this reason, we have dedicated a portion of our new Mom Entrepreneurs section to your story. If you have a business success story you’d like to share, send it in! We will post it here to encourage and inspire everyone who reads it.

Defying the Odds & the Critics – A True Success Story
My story, in some ways, is not unlike others you might have read over the years. I want to share it with you in the hopes it will be an inspiration and an example of how perseverance and belief in yourself is key to being successful. I won’t go into all the details of my life, but will asdmit life has thrown me my share of challenges! My name is Sandy Louth and I own & operate AdminSpecialties, a Virtual Assistance company. It is operated from my home office.
A Ceramic Handprint Business With Heart Treasure the Moment With Pawprints!
Hello! My name is Hedy Hale. In 1974 my husband Ross and I arrived in the seaside community of Morro Bay, California, with a plan to open a working pottery studio. During the first year of working, it became readily apparent that we needed a way to bring in extra income on a daily basis. Hence, 33 years ago our ceramic handprint business Pawprints was born. We started out on a shoestring, and as we made money we invested more. We built our handprint business from the ground up. What started out as a way to preserve lasting memories for our friends grew by popular demand into a thriving business.
ESSENTIA Magazine ( launches FREE, quarterly, email publication where Christian, single moms nurture, encourage and inspire one another on various issues relating to motherhood. Single moms share their joys, challenges and experiences, and in turn, provide insightful encouragement to another parent who may be going through a similar situation. All moms and moms-to-be can benefit from this editorial as well.
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