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About tips of music

Get history of music by describing the different musical periods and the leading composers during those eras.

Types of Music

Everybody loves music and that is because of its unique ability to help one relieve their levels of stress and problems. However, one might question as to how music could help different people get over their distresses and problems, with the simple fact being that every person has a different taste and preference. The answer to this is simple. People and their preferences can differ and are most often different. Similarly, music too differs. That means, there are different types of music that help entertain and satisfy the musical needs, tastes and preferences of everybody. This article aims to explain the major types of music that prevails today.

Listed and explained below are some major types of music that could be seen nowadays:

Country Music

Country music is a mix of trendy musical forms originally found in the southern states of the United States. Hence it is also known as country-western music. The source of country music can be fond in tribal music, church music, gospels, Celtic music and folk music. This type of music was popularized by a famous lyricist and singer named Dalhart, and hence became a huge sensation in the 1920s, especially among the American teens. Country music is classified into country rock and folk rock.

Techno music

This is a type of music played in clubhouses and parties lately, and is also known as fusion music. Believed to be an outcome of industrialization, this type of music is very popular among the young, mainly because it contains different forms of music and this blend produces the perfect music for a night party. It first became famous in Detroit.

Hip Hop music

Hip Hop music is one of the most preferred genres of music in the 20th and 21st century. Invented among the Black Americans in the 70s, hip hop became a huge sensation due to it containing audio mixing and rapping in its tracks. Influenced by jazz and black gospel music, hip hop music is composed of R&B (Rhythm and Blues). Some of the great singers and bands that play and sing hip hop music are Eminem, Usher, Chamillionaire and G-Unit.

Instrumental music

Instrumental music, due its moving and heart-melting nature, is known for its ability to make a person go extreme and wild. Instrumental music is classified into 3 major streams, namely Oriental Classical Music, Vocal Music and Western Instrumental music.

Pop music

Pop music is believed to be one of the greatest genres of music nowadays. Its ability to help people relieve their stress levels is what which has made it popular among music lovers, and hence is known as Popular Music. That is also the reason why doctors recommend pop music to pregnant mothers, since it helps them forget all problems and be happy. Pop music can be both classical and folk. Some of the famous pop music bands and artistes are Westlife, Boyzone, Ronan Keating and the famous “My heart will go on” singer, Celine Dion.

Trance music

Trance music, also known as “Electronic art music” and “Music of the inner cities of America”, is highly preferred by most of the young crowd mainly due to its fast pace and repetitious percussion beats. Developed in the early 20th century, it is that type of music which could be found being played in club houses and discos. This type of music is named trance since it takes the listener completely to another world when listening to it.

ther types of music include Latin music, Avant music, and Fabulous music, which have its own uses.

For Eg:- Latin music is highly preferred by dancers due to its great beats.


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