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About books categories

You can find books on just about any topic or subject. This is also true for different categories of books - the list goes on and on...

Categories of Books

If you step into a bookshop, you would be astonished not only by the number of books available, but also by the categories of books they can be sorted into. Shelves and shelves of books are available to satisfy any taste of any individual.

If you take the time to categorize these books, they can be sorted as Picture Books, Fiction, Adventure, Autobiographies, Books on History, Folklore etc.

Picture books are interesting, easy to read, and attractive to the young, from toddlers to children. These can vary from having only pictures to basic concepts and small stories.

There is a collection of books which fall under the category Adventure and Mystery. These books contain exciting events, and capture the attention of the readers through action rather than the theme. And mystery books involve suspenseful events or a criminal act that the readers too will be actively involved in solving through clues provided throughout the tale, till the end of the story.

There are many fiction stories available in stores which are based on imagination. Even fiction stories can be categorized into many different areas according to their subject matter.

Books which contain settings and characters like dragons and witches fall into the category of fantasy novels, which can also be taken as a sub category of fiction books as they are also based on imagination

Science fiction stories are another type of fiction stories which are based on real or imagined scientific theories and technologies. These stories are mostly based on future technological advances.

And as contrast to fiction stories there exists a category of books known as nonfiction novels, which are informative books containing hard fast facts. They provide good educational material as well as interesting reading material.

Folklores are a type of nonfiction stories based on stories that originate from the culture of a country. These provide interesting material to learn about other countries in a more personal level.

Poetry books come in many numbers as interesting reading material and educational material. These are a type of literature books where the language is laid down in a rhythmical pattern and captures the reader through its meaning, sound and rhythm. Many of these are used as educational material at schools for teaching literature.

Biographies are books written about a persons’ life by an outsider. Autobiographies are books written on one’s own life by oneself.

With so many types of books in the world, it does not take much effort for an individual to be well read.


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