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Entertainment for your life
Entertainment is an activity designed to give people pleasure or relaxation.

Entertainment for Your Life

Whether it's sitting down with a good book or watching reruns of your favorite television show, entertainment can be defined in a variety of ways and means different things to different people. Within the pages of this section, you will find articles on books and authors, movies and ratings, music and composers, and television and its influences. You can even get some tips on moviemaking, writing and media technologies.
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A Background of Television

Ah, the Television! Something which, in my opinion, must be readily acknowledged as one of the best inventions that man has come up with (in addition to the computer and the internet). There is so much information that we have gained as a result of the invention of the television. We are able to receive immediate information about what’s happening thousands of miles away from us, often with live pictures, which gets us involved in learning about the country. The fashion – conscious people can get to know about the latest fashions & styles in other countries. The list is endless, but, have you ever sat down and thought about the background of television?

The first television, which was built in 1928, wasn’t anything very flashy. It consisted of a disk, light and only begged for a very considerate amount of electricity. However, the first TV didn’t come with a remote, which must make you feel very sorry for the people who had to reach over to the TV every time they wanted to change the channel or volume!

By the 1930’s, the TV incorporated more parts. A typical TV would be about 6x8 inches, and would be fitted into a big cabinet. As the late 1930s came, more and more companies started to product the TV in the USA, Europe and the Soviet Union.

However, with the advent of World War II, recreational television progress slowed down as it was being modified to suit military needs. People weren’t able to watch scenes from the warfield unlike during the Vietnam War, and the radio was much depended upon for news regarding the war.

By 1945, people were convinced that they suffered enough hardships from the war, and started purchasing TV sets. The picture quality was much better, though only available in black-and-white, and programmes other than news were gradually being produced.
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Featured Articles

The effects of modern technology have been felt everywhere, and the Television industry has been no exception, producing some of the best TV sets in the process. It’s amazing to think how something like the TV, which was just a luxury some decades ago, has now become a necessity that any person who gets a new house will want to adorn it with a TV before thinking of buying something else. One of the biggest changes in television in recent years have come in the form of cable TV. The demand for channels seem to be getting bigger and bigger, and some cable TV providers are providing nearly 200 channels, most of them being HDTV, in line with customer demand. Television is one of humanity’s most important means of communication bring pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of homes. Since the invention of the television people watch the President make a speech or even watch astronauts exploring outer space. With the spontaneity of television, everyone from Presidents to terrorists, every incident from a war to the birth of a royal appears right before our eyes. Thanks to the television, you can find your information just as it happens. The large numbers of documentaries that are awaiting you as you skim through the channels are an excellent way to learn something new within the convenience of your home. Not only would it be dramatically appealing but it’s..
It’s one of those days when you finally get fed up of that cheating boyfriend on your favourite sitcom, or the tragic news presenter or the unintelligible game show. You find that the TV frustrates you.Now that you’ve decided that the television really is an “idiot box,” have fun with these activities instead. There was a time when the radio was the most common source of news. People would crowd around a radio, listening to the news broadcast that would take place only at particular times. If you happened to miss it, then you’d have to wait for the next news bulletin (which may be hours away), but these days the news is always on on television..

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