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About most popular TV channels

There are so many TV channels to choose from. Here are a list of five of the most popular TV channels...

Today's 5 most Popular TV Channels

(In no particular order)

1. Fox

Fox plays host to arguably some of the best TV shows in the country. The variety of tv shows on display is simply mind – blowing, and, frankly, if I were in a position where a regular dose of money came to my account to keep me alive, I would definitely spend all my time watching all the shows on Fox.

Fox is one of the most popular TV channels, and some of their popular shows include the Simpsons, House, Prison Break, Family Guy, and Bones

2. CNN

Very much a household name, CNN has been ranked by the popular ‘TV viewers measurer’ Nielsen ratings as the top cable news source. I feel that CNN should be given a pat on its ‘back’ for being the first channel in the country to break the devastating news of the attack on the Twin Towers by plane hijackers. To complement that, they even broadcasted a video of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. But what really capitulated interest in CNN was when they were the only news channel to be sending in reports of the Persian Gulf War in 1991 as it was happening, thereby getting people glued to their television sets.

CNN is also famous for hosting the ‘Larry King Live’ show, which attracts nearly 1 million viewers every episode.

3. NBC

NBC is one of the oldest TV stations, having started as early as 1939. They also have the distinct feat of beign the first station to have shown a US president (Franklin Roosevelt), and have 98.6% of the country’s households covered. Their popular shows include the science – fiction hit, Heroes, the typical office parody, The Office, and the comical bad-boy-turned-righteous-man show, My Name is Earl.

4. Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel has the largest viewership among all news channels in the country, and is known for some sharp news reporting. They did a great job in covering the presidential primaries, getting experts to air their opinions on the primaries, and the candidates. I’m sure most of you would associate FNC with the popular show, The O’Reilly Factor, which draws the highest viewership for a cable – news channel, and which discusses current political and social issues with people from different sides of the table.

5. ABC

Playing host to ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Lost’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’(which are undoubtedly some of the country’s most enjoyed TV shows, ABC gets a place on the top 5 TV channels of the US. Having started commercial TV as early as 1948, it has endured a surge of success thanks to some niche TV shows, and doesn’t fail to deliver on high quality TV shows.

Do you think that I’ve missed out on something? Let me know via the comments.


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