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About top modern music

Having evolved over many years, music from the Modern Era is called Modern Music. Learn about the top modern music of today...

Top Modern Music

Everybody loves music. People might question as to why it is so, but there is no single answer for it. Some people love it because of its soothing nature and some because it helps them get over their problems and stresses. Music therefore is undoubtedly a thing, which is loved by everybody and is believed to be the greatest and only universal language.

Music has evolved over time and drastic improvements and developments have taken place from time to time (i.e. in every musical period). The music of the Modern Era is known as Modern Music, and detailed in this article is everything about top Modern Music and how it differs from music played in the other musical periods.

It was in the early 20th century when the Modern era started, which means it started hundred years back. People were used to slow and calm forms of music, until modern music came into the scene. Modern music was different and people found it hard to listen to since most of the tunes, themes and melodies were strange to them, and mostly fast paced. Hence, modern music was also known as ugly music, initially.

It was the huge changes during that period that led to the origination of modern music. Drastic changes such as the First World War, scientific discoveries and the turn down of religion and religious activities, during that period brought about confusion in the minds of people. People became violent, vigilant, restless and also more dynamic and those changes in that era influenced the way how people thought. Hence, changes were reflected in the music created during that period too.

Musicians and artistes thought that the creation or composition of new sounds were a must to express those feelings that were created by the modern world. Hence, music took huge leaps and bounds during this period, which made modern music different from all other kinds of music in the past.

These changes involved the making of new rules and methods, thus taking musical expression into a completely different direction. Sound effects and complex rhythms took precedence over pleasing musical themes with the widening and expansion of musical horizons and dimensions. This made modern music more complex.

Examples of such musical changes that took place during that era was when Arnold Schoenberg (an Austrian composer) invented a new system of organizing music, where he felt that the former rules of harmony were out-of-date. Another example is where a Russian composer, named Stravinsky, found a new way of making music out of little repeating patterns.

It is this creation of new rules and limits that placed a lot of tension and pressure on the minds of people, mainly the listeners, musicians and composers, and it is due to this we could see major changes in modern music relative to others forms. Rap, Hip hop, Jazz and Rock music are some types of modern music, and John Cage, Shostakovich, Hindemith, Stravinsky and Bartok are among the famous composers in that era.

Another reason for the changes in the sounds and styles of music were the constant innovations and developments that took place with respect to the music-related technology. However, it is a fact that modern music is preferred among most of the young crowd, and hence is widely accepted.


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