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About types of Movie

There are many different genres of movies. What types of movies do you like?

Why Types of Movies Do You Like

1) Action – These types of movies are high octane, big budget movies that show many physical stunts. If there is heroism, fights involving guns, swords or karate moves, horseback action or any destructive forces of nature, your keyword is Action. In these movies, it’s usually a fight between the good guys and bad guys, i.e. Fight Club

2) Adventure- Do you like thrilling stories that take you to wondrous places? They are similar to action films but the action may be less and more weight will be given to experiences. Indian Jones movies belong to this category.

3) Comedies- They are loved by young and old for the feel good content. A comedy can be based on innocent humor, exaggerations, facial expressions or downright crude jokes. Meet the Fockers is an example.

4) Crime and Gangster Films- Such films trace the lives of fictional and true criminals, gangs or mobsters. Serial killer films may be included here, i.e. Gangs of New York.

5) Drama films- They are sensible movies with a strong plot. Dramas depict true stories or real-like situations. The character development is note-worthy, i.e. Little Women.

6) Epics/ Historical films – An epic involves elements like war, romance and adventure. The sets are created carefully to reflect the time period. Ben Hur is a classic example. Historical movies tend to pay homage to a legend or hero.

7) Horror- You either love them or hate them. These films expose our fears and give rise to nightmares. For some, horror films provide catharsis but others can barely sit through a movie, due to the violence and gory scenes. i.e Jaws.

8) Musicals/ Dance films – These are entertaining films that are based on full scale scores or song and dance. They can either be delightful, light-hearted films for the while family (i.e. The Sound of Music) or contain a dark aspect (Sweeney Todd) that is explored through music.

9) War films- These are very true to real life and often depict the waste of war. Attention is given to acts of heroism, the human spirit, psychological damage to soldiers and the pain of families waiting at home. i.e. Flags of Our Fathers.

10) Westerns- This genre is central to American culture and to its film industry. They speak of the days of expansion and the trials with Native Indians. The plots and characters are very distinctive. Remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

11) Animation- Computer graphics and special affects are the backbone of these films which are enjoyed by the young and old. i.e. Finding Nem

12) Thrillers- They differ from Horror because they are more provocative than scary. i.e. The Bone Collector

13) Sci-Fi – If you like futuristic scenes, movies like Star Wars will intrigue you. They can be classified as adventure films too.


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