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About world famous writer

Writers become famous for the variety of topics they write on. Learn about some world famous writers...

World Famous Writers

“What great a skill a man must possess, to hold the attention of an individual by just the magical spin of words.”

This is the exact skill possessed by all the world famous writers, which keep their books alive even for years after their departure from the face of this world.

Remember the Aesop’s fables which attracted you, your parents and even children of today? This is a success story and he is a world famous author. Even though fables have existed long before the famous Aesop, almost all fables are registered in our minds as Aesop’s fables. This is why he is famous even today, as fables don’t exist without them being Aesop’s fables.

What about the literary masterpieces, ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Christmas Carol’, ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘David Copperfield’. Is it even necessary to mention the author of these famous titles is the one and only Charles Dickens? He has become a household name where young children and teens and even adults, can be seen absorbed in his books even today.

Roald Dahl is a world famous author for his innovative and creative ideas put down in words which holds the attention of all. He is a British writer who has the skill of capturing the interest of children, though sometimes adults are not that happy with his way of putting things down in words.

Another famous author who has spun the world of fame in literature is the author of the most popular Harry Potter series, the renowned J.K. Rowling, an author who reached heights in the literary world almost overnight.

Authors get famous not only through writing stories, but also through writing poetry, and that is what Robert Frost did best. His compositions are still famous, especially as they have gained a place in schools as a study material for students following English and Literature.

T.S.Eliot is a Nobel Prize winner in literature, an author who is a dramatist, poet and literary critic, famous for his poems, plays, essays, etc. These master pieces are also used as study material in schools and universities for English Literature.

There are many more authors worth a mention here, but to make a long story short, they all carry one possession; that is either a famous book, an article or many books.

These famous authors have become a famous theme for new authors to write biographies on and gain fame through the tale of the famous.

Remember an author doesn’t become famous because of his personality (though that may also count at some instances), but it is mainly his prize winning possession of his thoughts and imagination put down in words in a fascinating manner, which brings him fame and name.


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