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Dentistry is the known evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the soft and hard tissues of the jaw (mandible), the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent.
An Interview with Dr. Jorge Rico on Dentures

Dr. Jorge Rico is a dentist and has answered some of the common questions Bizymoms visitors have about Dentures.

Q. What are dentures?

A. Dentures are prosthetic appliances constructed mainly of acrylic to replace missing teeth which are supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues of the mouth.  They are commonly referred to as "false teeth."

Q. Why should I use a denture adhesive?

A. The goal for any patient who wears dentures is to be able to eat and speak comfortably without the dentures dislodging.  Unfortunately, due to continual bone loss, dentures can become loose and uncomfortable to wear requiring the use of denture adhesives to stabilize the dentures in the mouth.  Using denture adhesives is a temporary solution to a continual problem, not only are they messy to use, they typically last for a few hours requiring frequent reapplications.  For this reason, I recommend dental implants to either retain and support an existing denture or to replace the denture altogether.

Q. What types of cosmetic dentures are possible?

A. Many people think that dentures have been left behind by the cosmetic dental revolution.  This is not true.  One of the most common complaints of denture wearers is about the "false" look of the denture teeth, causing them to be self conscious about their "teeth" and consequently, smile less. 

Today, you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your denture.   Modern technology has enabled us to create "lifelike" looking dentures.  Today, not only can we choose the type, shape, length, size and color of the new teeth, we can choose the color of the gums as well to match each patients needs.   Now we have the option to choose and design your new smile.

Q. How long do cosmetic dentures take to make?   

A. A cosmetic denture can take as little as 4 weeks to construct, but will typically require 5 to 7 weeks to complete.

Q. What are the alternatives to cosmetic dentures?

A. There are two alternative to cosmetic dentures.  The first being your typical denture which has little customization.  The second alternative is dental implants. 

Q. Are dentures uncomfortable or painful to wear?

A. While dentures bring life-changing benefits, almost all denture wearers find that problems do occur.  Typically, they become loose and begin to shift which can cause painful sore spots as the supporting tissue shrinks over time.  Maintaining dentures can require frequent visits to the dentist for adjustments or they may require repeated relines and adhesives.

Q. What’s the difference between conventional dentures and immediate dentures?

A. A conventional denture is fabricated for patients who are already missing all their teeth in a particular arch. 

Immediate dentures are fabricated for those patients who still have some or all their teeth, but require them to be extracted due to decay or gum disease.   The denture is fabricated prior to the extractions of the patient’s teeth.  On the day of the extractions, the denture is then fitted in the mouth.  Typically, a temporary soft liner is placed on the tissue side of the denture for the first 6 months to help with healing, followed by a permanent reline once the healing is complete.  The advantage to immediate dentures is that the patient does not have to appear in public without teeth.


Q. How to contact Dr. Rico if we have further questions?    

9390 Big Horn Blvd., Suite 130
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Phone: 916-684-8200
Fax: 916-684-8258
E-mail: jrico@ricodental.com, info@ricodental.com
Website: http://www.ricodental.com/

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