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Educational grants help students pay their tuition fees, where the monetary assistance comes from the federal government. This assistance can be obtained by writing for an educational grant, explaining why the student requires the assistance and how it will benefit both the student and their community. Students wishing to obtain grants should research the different educational grants available and decide which ones best fit their needs.

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Department of education grants

The article gives details of various Department of Education grants.Guidelines are given on the procedure to follow when considering application of a grant from the Department of Education.

Department of Education Grants are available a wide variety of disciplines

The U.S. Department of Education Grants are available to students who are seeking financial aid in order to attend college, to agencies, organizations and individuals. If you belong to one of the categories of possible recipients, applying for a grant maybe your best option. All you have to do is search by academic discipline, application type or eligibility. Here are a few guidelines that you can follow-

First, identify programs that you are eligible to apply for using the “Guide to Education Programs” or search for grant opportunities for your chosen discipline from the Department of Education.

Refer to the Federal Register. Here you will find announcements of upcoming grant competitions, rules, deadlines and details on how to apply. The “grants forecast” can also clue you in on future competitions.

Figure out which type of grant suits your criteria. There are many options to choose from, for example-

 Grants to help students pay for college- for these, you can apply using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to find out if you are eligible. By this you can conclude if you can be entitled to the Pell Grant and others.

 Discretionary grants that are awarded to organizations, agencies and individuals. You can apply if you meet the eligibility requirements. The Department reserves the right to discretion in the choice of applicants who are to receive funding.

Transition to Teaching grants which are offered to particular “high need” disciplines ranging from Mathematics to Science and even Special Education. This would require those who receive it to transit to teaching upon qualification, for a stipulated period of time, within a given time frame. You need to apply using the FAFSA and opt for this type of grant.   .

Formula grants- these are given to agencies that befit a formula determined by Congress. There is no application procedure for this type of grant.

The Department of Education bestows about ninety six billion dollars a year in grants, low interest loans and work-study assistance. So if you are seeking financial aid, referance to these grants gives you the best chance of procuring funding. The disciplines towards which this aid is provided  are wide and varied, from Arts and Humanities to Engineering, Medical, Physical, Social Sciences and many more. Don't let financial concerns hold you back from your pursuit of education. The effort that you need to devote is negligible in comparison to what you stand to gain from the "gift" of a grant. Take advantage of your options now!

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