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Educational grants help students pay their tuition fees, where the monetary assistance comes from the federal government. This assistance can be obtained by writing for an educational grant, explaining why the student requires the assistance and how it will benefit both the student and their community. Students wishing to obtain grants should research the different educational grants available and decide which ones best fit their needs.

About education grants
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College loans grants

The relevant Authority will review your form to determine whether or not you are eligible for college loans and grants,College loans and grants are given by the Federal Government, Apply early for College loans and grants...

How to find out if you are eligible for college loans and grants

Higher education is astronomical and is unaffordable to majority of the citizens but is no cause for discouragement given the amount of financial aid that is available by way of college loans and grants. Though there are many student loans which are available, most students are vary of being the recipient as loans are repayable and would probably take the better part of your life to pay back what you have received where as grants are free money, given as a cash gift and you don’t ever have to pay it back. Therefore loans will be the fall back option where the amount of grants received is insufficient or you are not eligible for grants.

Federal government diverts a massive amount of their national budget for education and funds are awarded to students on a need base. Eligibility will differ from grant to grant but in general most significant grants that are awarded on need basis is applied through federal organization by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form commonly known as FAFSA. They will review your form to determine whether or not you are eligible for college loans and grants. The grants that are offered through Federal government include:  

Federal Pell Grant which is awarded to the nation’s low to moderate income students who are enrolled for an undergraduate program and has not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree.

Federal Supplemental Education opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are awarded to the neediest Pell Grant recipients.

An Academic Competitiveness Grant is available for the first year of the undergraduate program or up to $1,300 for your second year of study.

National SMART Grant which is also known as National Science and mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grants, awarded to students who are eligible for Pell Grant and are following  in the field of computer, life or physical science programs.

In the case of student loans, there are different criteria that they will look for including your credit history to find out whether you are credit worthy. The U.S. Department of Education is one source for student loans as well many banks and other lending institutions. Some of the basic criteria for eligibility include:

>Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non citizen
Have a valid social security number
Be enrolled for a regular program or half time.
Proof of financial need
Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate awarded by an institution approved by the U.S. Department of Education
Proof that no federal or state loan has been defaulted
Maintain satisfactory progress in the school attended or planning to attend

If you are applying for College loans, grants or any other kind of financial aid from your college or university you are either enrolled or planning to enroll, they will have their own criteria for granting such financial awards and you can find out the eligibility from the college financial aid office

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