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Working with Freelancers and Contractors

Freelancers (private contractors) have become more and more commonplace among small businesses as such businesses can’t really afford the cost of hiring a worker full – time. Moreover, it’s pointless to employ someone full – time when you don’t have much work for him / her. Therefore, in such a case, a freelancer would be much more appropriate.

Lesson One - Who are freelancers/contractors?
This lesson introduces you to freelancers/contractors, and tells you why you may need them. Get Started
Lesson Two - Hiring the best ones out there
Next, you will learn some tips on how to hire the best contractors, and other things you need to know when hiring one. Get Started
Lesson Three - The benefits and drawbacks of hiring contractors
This lesson teaches you the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter by hiring a contractor for your business. Get Started
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