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Dieting is the intake of food in a controlled fashion. In fact, some people even follow diets hoping to gain weight!
Diet planning
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About diet plans

Learn about healthy diet plans for adults that will benefit their over all health and well-being.

Healthy Diet Plans For Adults

This is a balanced system to reduce calories. It stresses the importance of fibrous food and whole grain and also places importance on consistent physical activity to burn calories. Furthermore, this program encourages practitioners to maintain their confidence and a positive outlook on life. After all, most people have a wrong image of their bodies and as a result, don't set realistic goals. From this program you can expect to lose about 2 pounds a week, which is a healthy rate.

This diet works best for those who are willing to change their diet long term, who like planning meals and who have time for regular exercise. If you have extremely high or extremely low calorie needs, this diet may not work for you. The basis of this program is that calories count-all of them. There's no differentiating between types of calories or their sources. But it actually trains you to keep count of point values which are assigned to food, based on the Weight Watchers program. In any case, this is more than a diet program as it involves exercising too.

2. Jenny Craig-

This program concentrates on managing portions and controlling calories. It has been around for quite a while, and it was initially thought to be unique because it offered nutritious frozen food as meal replacements. They continue to offer a wide range of pre-packages meals and snacks to be used in their induction phase. The offerings are safe and well balanced nutrition-wise. Counseling is advised in this program, for practitioners to get a good grip on the diet plan. The good thing about Jenny Craig is that it champions gradual weight loss. The bad thing is perhaps the cost of the program. This diet is most suitable for people who don't mind being guided all the way. The independent types may not find this to their liking because they will be told what to eat constantly. If you are busy too, you may not have time for regular counseling.

3. The Okinawa diet

This is another healthy diet program for adults; losing weight is not its prime target. The name comes from Okinawa, home to people with the most longevity. Basically Eastern philosophies of nutrition come into play here. This diet is mostly plant-based but rich in complex carbs. It also takes into account stress management which can help absorption of ingested food. This diet is best practiced with a serious sense of spirituality. According to this program, the mind and the body both need to be addressed, if you want to maintain a healthy body. If you love to try something new and are committed to making more than a minor adjustment here and there, you'll get on fine with this program.

Article Summary - In this article, we have highlighted three diets that suit adults/seniors. They all have one thing in common- they not only guide you on food habits, they also encourage healthy lifestyles.

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