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Seasonal Affective Disorder
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About Winter Depression: What Is Winter Depression?

Read about winter depression and how the seasons affect different people. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

Prevention and coping skills
As explained in previous articles' the effects of SAD is more prominent during the winter. The cold season is dreary enough as it is' without depression adding to it! So how does one cope with such a condition and find the strength to hold it off until the reassuring arrival of spring/summer?

According to the experts' a sureshot way of preventing the onset of SAD is not found. However' they say that by being proactive' that is by treating the illness before the symptoms get worse' one would be able to control and eventually prevent it over time. This is the reason why most people tend to take some kind of medication before they step into the winter season' or as soon as they see related symptoms.

If a person has already got themselves into this condition' there are plenty of things that they could do to control it' and ensure that there would not be any severe complications. Read on about how to cope:

Strict following of the treatment plan

Make sure that you follow the doctor’s instructions and medication times closely so that there would not be any aggravation in the health condition. Do not forget to attend the necessary therapy sessions.

Get outdoors

Do not stay inside your house and hibernate. Move out even if you don't feel up to it and enjoy the cool winds and whatever sun you can get. Make yourself relaxed. A short slow walk would help to clear your head and you'd feel better for the exercise too.

Socialize and mingle

Meet your friends and have a nice time. This will help you to forget that you are ill and would also leave you with a shoulder to cry on. Don't be embarrassed to show that you are not in the best of moods. True friends will understand.

Regular exercising

Regular exercising can help you keep yourself healthy and would increase resistance levels where diseases are concerned. Above all' exercising can help one relieve their anxiety and stress levels thus reducing the risk of SAD. The endorphins released during exercise can lift your spirits.

Invite light into your home and garden

Arrange your home and garden so that it allows bright daylight to come in. Keep your windows open and cut shady branches in your garden. Don't keep any rooms dark because they will depress you before you know it.

Go on an outing

Take a trip to a warm' sunny location during the winter breaks. It can be a family event or a picnic with friends. Sometimes' we associate certain places with depression. So if lounging at home drives you nuts' your best bet is to change the location.

Practice stress management

There are stress management courses conducted by professionals and you can read some good advice on the web too. This would help you get over SAD with ease and confidence. We all deal with stress at one time or the other.

Summary – A person with SAD may not have much faith in getting better but if you have the will power' there are several simple ways to prevent SAD symptoms. By following the ideas provided in this article' you can have a happier life and fight SAD.
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