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About The Cure Homesick: How To Cure The Homesickness

Read about the prevention and the cure for homesickness. It can lead to depression and anxiety. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

Preventions techniques and treatment
Leaving home or anticipation of leaving home both cause homesickness. Almost everyone has a strong connection with the place they call home and being separated from the familiar home environment' their parents' siblings' spouse' children' relatives' friends and pets can cause homesickness which are often followed by anxiety and depression which may range from mild to severe. It is believed that 10 to 20 percent fall into the severe homesick category which is coupled with depression and anxiety' which interferes with academic' social and sports function. This could lead to withdrawing from school and will require medical attention. There is no medication for mild homesickness but in present day sense there is a better understanding of the causes and effects of homesickness to a greater extent; preventive measures are available. This has now become a topic of discussion among academics and health authorities with a view to finding a solution to a global problem. For more than 100 years schools and camps have tried to comfort homesick kids and hoped that it will go away but research shows that it is better and more effective to think of ways of prevention than cure.

One of the basic principles in homesickness is to accept that almost everyone goes through this emotion and that it is nothing unusual. Start trial periods of separation for your children as young as possible. Speak to them ahead of any separation' whether it is time with grandparents' camp' college or hospital stay even for a short period of time it to say to kids that it is normal and not strange to feel homesick. What parents or pediatricians' as the case may be' say beforehand matters and is very important to deal with homesickness. It is evident from such an exercise that the children cope better and that the intensity levels have been reduced by an average of 50 percent in the first year campers.

Some of the preventive measures for homesickness is:

• ?Involve children in making decisions to spend time away from home' so that children are more prepared for it.

• ?Tell children that it is normal to feel homesick and that they can keep in touch with the family by writing letters home' speaking with others about how they feel' and to think of the good things that they are going to have.

• ?Speak to the children about school' camp or hospital so that they know what to expect.

• ?Where possible introduce the children to other campers' school mates or teachers ahead of time.

• ?Encourage children to make friends in their new environment.

• ?Don’t let the children realize that you are equally worried about them and do not tell them that you do not know what you will do without them as that would give them enough reason to worry about home and parents' and they will be preoccupied with thoughts of parents and home.

• ?If the child is under medication make the counselors or the authorities aware so that they will be able to administer or supervise that medication is taken according to schedule.

• ?Don’t tell them that you will pick them up if they do not like staying there.

• ?Warn children not to do something bad in order to be sent home.

Communication is a good channel to prevent homesickness.
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