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Depression in Old Adults
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About Social Pressures: Social Pressures

Social pressures sometimes lead to isolation, depression and grief. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

Social pressures and obligations
Depression has become one of the most common sicknesses' and one in every five persons suffers from depression at some stage in their lives. Depression is more than a change of mood' it is a serious illness. People suffering from depression' find it difficult to face the day to day chaos' and have a very negative opinion of them selves. This is a sickness that creeps into the lives of people' and many a times it is left undiagnosed and undetected. People suffer from depression due to various reasons. Loss of a loved one' financial difficulties' retirement' loss of job' long term sicknesses' social pressures and obligations are to name a few. The danger of this disease is many associate the symptoms of depression to what he/she is going through at that point of time' and ignore as a passing phase. Depression left alone' can bring down the person so hard' that he loses confidence in himself' and has very low self-esteem. Due to depression' the way people think' act and feel suffer immensely. Unless' proper treatment is given at the right time' it can lead to even loss of life.

Sadly though' depression has a stigma attached to it' thus many have stayed away from taking treatment due to lack of knowledge and not wanting others to know that they are suffering from depression. Sometimes' due to social pressures and obligations' people have suffered silently' and when diagnosed it is too far gone' to get the person back to normalcy.

Therefore it is important that people are aware of the trauma a sufferer goes through' and try avoiding any situations that can lead to depression. Why has depression become so common? Though there are some reasons such as age' heredity and genes are unavoidable risks for depression' it is not a guarantee. There are other risks factors' such as sickness and other factors mentioned above that can be avoided and prevented. Stress has become one major factor for depression' and this has been due to the fact that people are unable to meet the challenges and obligations expected from them' and thus resulting in depression. With the ever changing world' and demands being very high' the pressures and obligations that people are faced have become so stressful' that it keeps nagging and bothering them' as the dead lines cannot be met. With time' they fall behind and feel a sense of incapability and inadequacy' and like a silent killer depression takes root in their lives.

Thus' it is vital that people learn to balance their lives in a manner that is healthy' and also combine the life style with exercise' which is a must for healthy living. Being positive and having confidence in yourself' will help build self-worth' and moreover' remember' that it is you who can put yourself down' be an over-comer and a achiever' this will help you lead a joyous life.
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