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About Losing Loved Ones: The Grief Of Losing Loved Ones

Losing loved ones is never easy and usually leads to different forms of depression and withdrawal. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

The grief of losing a loved one
Grief can be defined as the sadness or sorrow by losing someone or something' and this may include instances such as death of a loved one' injury' accident or sickness' divorce or separation' loss of a job' status or reputation' and even the loss of one’s own pet. What is common in most people who experience these kinds of losses are that they take quite a long time to get over this pain and sorrow.

Have you ever seen or heard of people grieving after the death of their loved ones? You sure might have. As you see news on television and footage on the internet' you might have come across those incidents where people cry and whine over the deaths of their loved ones due to accidents' assassinations' natural disasters or even natural/ normal deaths. In this article' our attempt is to explain about the grief of losing a loved one' which could be either the loss of a parent' spouse' sibling' child' relative' or a friend.

The above said situations are explained in point form' with a brief explanation.

Death of a parent

This could be the worst thing that could happen to a child' as it would mean that one of his guardians' one of the persons that love you the most' is lost. The death of a parent would mostly mean separation for a child' who is less than 7 years' and for one who is between 7 and 12' it would mean loss and a threat to their personal safety' and for teens' it would feel just like other adults do.

Death of a spouse

How would you feel if you lose your beloved husband or wife? You would definitely feel dreadful' right? It is true that the death of a spouse can be one of the most shocking and sad experiences in one’s life. In such an instance' the partner would grieve over the death and would also fear the fact of having to be alone (losing one half of his/ her life)' and most couples do have their work divided amongst each other' and whenever the task of the departed comes along' the agony and pain would be impossible to express in words. Such deaths are rated as the most traumatic of all.

Death of a sibling

This can be hard for the surviving sibling as losing one’s brother or sister can be very hard as they share a very close' intimate relationship and they have a huge history behind them. The surviving sibling would reminisce the moments they spent together doing all mischief and fun' and those memories would agonize them all day long' whenever the surviving sibling comes across something that they did together. Most siblings' especially kids who have lost their brother or sister would be worried' angry' sad and might not socialize with others.

Death of a child

This could be the worst thing that can happen to a parent as any parents dream would be to see their kids grow and live happily. This unfortunate incident of early death would devastate the lives of the parents and would have a huge emotional influence' thus making them feel that they have lost everything in their lives.

Death of a relative

Death of a relative also is a cause for grief but this might not be as painful as it is' when compared to the aforesaid situations. However' if the relative is very close to one' then the demise of him/ her might be a painful experience.

Death of a friend

Death of a friend would be very disturbing' especially to those in their teen years where friends form an integral part of their lives. Losing a best friend or a classmate is the worst thing that one would expect. A friend who has lost another would feel alone as he/ she would recall the things they did together and how they grew up as friends and all. Most of all' it is a friend that anyone would share their secrets with. So losing that intimate friend would mean havoc to the survivor' if they share a very close' no-secrets relationship.

Summary – This article aims to explain the grief of losing a loved one and its scenarios and implications.
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