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About Death Of Children: Death Of Children And Grief

Dealing with the death of children is a traumatic and life changing experience that will most likely lead to depression. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

The death of a child
Grief can be defined as the sorrow or sadness caused due to the loss of something or someone' and what would bring the most pain and sorrow is when you lose a loved one. Losing a loved one could mean the death or demise of a parent' relative' siblings' friends and/ or children. This article aims to explain the grief (pain and sorrow) caused as a result of the death of a child and how badly it could affect the lives of the parents' (and also the grand parents.)

It is a fact that every girl dreams to become a mother and have kids when they grow up. It is the same in most gents too. Anyone would dream to become parents and have gorgeous and healthy little babies. Ask any parent what their happiest day in their life was? They would definitely say that it was the day when they became a father or a mother. This simply signifies how much a baby' a child means to a parent.

A child means the world to a parent' and losing him/ her would be the most unfortunate thing that could happen to them' and it would be most heartbreaking to see these parents cry and mourn over the bodies of their beloved child/ children that lies still.

Death of a child can be/ come in many ways. One instance is where a child dies before his birth. That is the death of a child due to an abortion or a miscarriage. Another instance is where a child dies as soon as he is born or also a stillbirth. This could be considered to be one of the most unfortunate things that could happen to a parent' since they do not get to see their child live' even after those nine (difficult) months of pregnancy.

Similarly' a child could die during his infant or toddler ages' which would also be a very hard experience for the parents' and above all' a child could die when he/ she is a kid or a grown up child (aging from 5 – 18' or even maybe 20). This instance can be said to be the most devastating experience that a parent can ever face' since by then' the parents might have seen their children grow up' lived and played with them' spent millions on their education and well being and have had the best times in their lives with the child.

It is hard and would be unfair to say or give weight to the grief that could be caused by the loss of a child depending on the age or time of the death of the child. For example' we cannot say that a couple who have lost their child due to a miscarriage does not grieve as much as a couple who have seen their kid grow and pass away. This could affect each and every individual or parent in different ways' but it is a fact that their child’s death is the worst nightmare that they had faced during their lifetime' and it will for sure be very hard and might take a long time for them to get over the pain' sorrow and memories of their dead child.

It would be our hope that nobody would come across such an unfortunate and pathetic incident.

Summary – This article aims to explain about the death of a child and how parents would grieve on this loss.
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