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About Dealing With Homesickness: Dealing With Homesickness

Read about dealing with homesickness and how to to overcome depression and anxiety. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

Symptoms of homesickness
Almost everyone has a strong connection with the place they call home and being separated from the familiar home environment' their parents' siblings' spouse' children' relatives' friends and pets can cause homesickness' which are often followed by anxiety and depression which may range from mild to severe. This emotion might start several days or even weeks prior to the actual separation in anticipation of the separation or as soon as you are separated. The condition can be mild or severe. It may become worse by unfamiliar environments in your own country but it is even worse if you have to go to a foreign country and the separation is going to be for a longer period. It is a condition experienced by all ages universally with very few people being exempt.

Homesickness can impact on anyone as very few are immune to it. Symptoms in homesickness could be emotional' physical or cognitive. In extreme cases' health problems occur along with other symptoms. Their feelings are turned into sadness' depression' anger' frustration or hopelessness. In rare situations' these emotions can lead to suicide.

When somatization which is a physical symptom occurs' the reactions are similar to common stress such as cramps' diarrhea' ulcers' headaches' tense muscles' vomiting' crying and withdrawal. Some of the symptoms are:

• Feelings of anxiety caused by separation;
• Feelings of intimidation by others' whom the sufferer may think are having a good time;
• Feel isolated and lonely;
• Feelings of depression with low motivation to make friends or to do anything positive;
• Yearn for someone to take that pain away;
• Lack of confidence;
• Loneliness
• Sadness
• Easy tasks become challenging;
• Constantly thinking of home and wanting to go back;

Homesickness goes away when you return home but in the meantime it is important to learn to cope with it rather than give into it and return home. In extreme cases' even without realizing you may be driven to do something much worse such as suicide' alcohol' drugs and in the case or married couples' due to loneliness they may be driven to get involved in an extra martial relationship to ease the pain which will eventually cause a bigger pain.

To overcome the emotion of homesickness' always keep a positive attitude and do not allow yourself to dwell in thoughts of depression. Keep constant contact with home. Use your time well and keep your mind occupied. Make best use of enjoying the different environment in a positive way without letting it be harmful to yourself or anyone else. Remember that after a while you will be able to cope with the situation. Everything is a matter of time.
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