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About Cycle Of Grief: Cycle Of Grief

Learn about the cycle of grief and how to break it after suffering from depression. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

The cycle of grief
Grief can be defined as the sorrow or sadness for the loss of someone or somebody. This could be either the loss of a parent' a sibling' a friend' a child or even a pet. It is true that anybody would be shocked and sad to hear about the decease of a loved one.

You would now wonder' what the cycle of grief is. This can be defined as the process or the stages through which a victim (who grieves) would go through upon hearing of the bad news and its aftermath or post-shock stages. This article therefore aims to highlight the main stages that a grieved person would go through' which is also known as the cycle of grief.

Shown below in the form of a diagram are the various stages that a grieved person would go through' as a result of hearing the heartbreaking news. This is known as the grief cycle founded by a Swiss doctor' Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.


The stages of the grief cycle are explained briefly in point form for the convenience and ease of understanding.

Before going on to the grief cycle' it should be understood that the victim is in a calm and stable frame of mind' because at this point in time' that person has still not heard about the bad news. It is after the bad news is heard' the grief cycle starts' thus leading to the following stages.

Immobilization / Shock Stage

This is the first stage that a person goes through upon hearing the heartbreaking news. The first reaction to such an instance would be a feeling of shock thus leading to a total breakdown and the person who is in shock would experience feelings of withdrawal' numbness and disorientation.

Denial Stage

This is the next stage where the person who is grieving would try and want to believe that such a nightmare has not taken place. It is in this stage that the aggrieved would find it hard to accept the reality of the loss.

Anger Stage

This is the stage where the aggrieved would feel angry with him/herself or else with another person' who is supposedly thought to be the cause for such death or loss.

Bargaining Stage

This is the stage where the grief-stricken would desperately try to find a way out of the dreadful situation.

Depression Stage

It is in this stage that the aggrieved would realize the truth and reality of the loss and admit that such loss is inevitable. This is a very common behavior that could be seen in most grieving people.

Testing Stage

It is during this stage that the aggrieved would try and seek to find realistic solution. They would try to find out which way could he follow and what methods can he/she adopt to overcome this grief.

Acceptance Stage

This is where the grief-stricken would accept the loss' and find a way to move forward and move along in life.

Summary – this article aims to explain the cycle of grief and how the aggrieved behaves in these various stages.
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