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About Adult Homesickness: What Is Adult Homesickness?

Learn about adult homesickness and how it can lead to depression and anxiety. Depression not only affects the person who is going through it, but also everyone around them, including friends, family, loved ones, spouses, and children.

Adult homesickness
There is no medication for homesickness and neither are there preventive measures. Travel guides may give remedies to deal with nausea for bad travelers' but they never discuss homesickness though it is accepted that everyone will go through homesickness at some stage in their lifetime. Men in particular' do not want to admit it though it is believed that they go through the same symptoms as a child or a woman.

The word home-sickness was coined in 1798 to describe one’s feelings of near depression when they are away from home. Separation from family and the absence of their familiar environment of home brings out these emotions. Apparently as much as two-thirds of travelers are affected by homesickness. For most people' after the initial few days they do not feel homesick any more' but there are extreme cases when homesickness leads to depression.

Homesickness is not a `socially sanctioned experience especially if it is an adult. It is viewed as a character flaw or alternatively' it is something that should be endured and not made a fuss of. In today’s business world' adults do not want to admit that they are going through homesickness as they feel that their superiors' counterparts' colleagues and friends might see a weakness of character in them.

Homesickness has become an issue among white-collar Canadians as their jobs require them to be away from home and family. Statistics indicate that approximately 40% of Canadian employees took at least one business trip in 1998 which is 28 percent higher than 1994. And it doesn’t seem as if it is going to get better any time soon. A travel survey carried out by American Express Year 2000 revealed that business travel was expected to increase by 29%' with over 1/3 of corporate travelers going more than 15 times on business in 2000. Even if those meant 2.5 days each' the total was over 37.5 days each year.

In Asian countries where many people leave their families to go to the Middle East due to economic hardships and be separated for one or two years at a time has brought about socio problems due to homesickness. The problem is more profound because of the gnawing fact that they are not able to return home when they want to and they are going to miss out so much on not being able to watch their children grow and miss so many special events like birthdays and Christmas. It is possible that in such a scenario that the person concerned can resort to alcohol or extra martial relationships thus jeopardizing their family life.

There are still doubts as to whether homesickness is considered a singular syndrome or whether there are subtypes of different forms of homesickness' which means that there could be more than the reason we assume homesickness is due to. However' this doubt is yet to be cleared' but whatever the reason it is accepted that child or adult will go through this syndrome and doesn’t seem as if there a reason to be embarrassed about. Like every other emotion like love' hate' kindness' homesickness should also be accepted as a normal emotion for a perfectly normal human being.
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