Is there a big difference to the smile before and after porcelain veneers?

The increasingly popularity of porcelain veneers is a testimony to the fact that it is indeed an effective cosmetic dental treatment. The procedure is minimally invasive which makes it even more attractive for many people. There is a major difference to the smile before and after porcelain veneers in most cases. The best part is that the results can last for a very long period of time, unlike teeth whitening that produces temporary results and the procedure must be repeated every year. With veneers, it is a one-time effort and one-time investment that continues to deliver great aesthetic value year after year.

Impact on the Shade of Teeth

The biggest benefit of veneers is for the patients who suffer from yellowing, pale, dark, stained or marked teeth that give an unsightly appearance. Such people tend to hide their smile and laughter in a social setting. Many people remain constantly conscious about their unsightly teeth and it affects their self-confidence and personality adversely in social life. In cases where the condition of stains or the dark shade of teeth is stubborn, and cannot be improved by cleaning or teeth whitening procedures, dental veneers are the right solution.

There is usually a dramatic difference before and after porcelain veneers. These veneers are ultra thin shells of porcelain that are placed on the front surface of the affected teeth that are visible from outside while talking or smiling. They reflect almost the same amount of light as is reflected by the natural tooth enamel. The translucent nature of porcelain is quite similar to that of the tooth enamel. As a result, the shade of the teeth appears to be almost as natural as the healthy white teeth. These ultra thin veneers are practically unnoticeable to the outsiders, which makes them a perfect aesthetic solution for unsightly teeth.

Patients with porcelain veneers achieve a great smile in most cases, and there is a marked difference in their personalities before and after veneers. Patients tend to smile more confidently in public and enjoy their life to the full. It serves as a major psychological boost and improves the self-esteem and self-confidence of the individuals in most cases. It also positively impacts their personal and professional lives and improves their performance in every sphere. Therefore, a great smile can completely transform an individual’s life and personality.

Impact on Patients with Crooked or Chipped Teeth

Porcelain veneers are not only useful for patients with dark, discolored or stained teeth. They are also very effective for patients who may have crooked or overcrowded teeth, uneven teeth with spaces between them, or chipped, cracked or worn out teeth. All these problems have an adverse impact on the oral aesthetics. The smile becomes unsightly and the person feels awkward to smile freely and openly in public. So for all these situations porcelain veneers can make a big difference to the smile.

Veneers can help to close the minor gaps between teeth. This makes the teeth appear more evenly spaced and improves the smile. People who have slightly crooked or overcrowded teeth can also benefit from veneers which can hide the deformity and make the teeth appear more regular and normal. Some people suffer from slightly chipped teeth, or in some cases the teeth become worn out over a period of time. In such situations the smile also gets adversely affected.

There can be a big difference to the smile before and after porcelain veneers in all such cases. The veneers can hide the cracks in teeth, and in case of a slightly chipped tooth they can make the tooth appear full. Porcelain is a strong material and can be successfully used to cover the slightly chipped portion of the tooth. In case several teeth have been worn out and become smaller in size compared to the overall structure of the mouth, the veneers can help to make the teeth appear fuller and longer. It helps to restore a more aesthetic and natural smile and makes a positive difference to the patient’s personality.

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