What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants or MDI's are a technological improvisation of the regular dental implants which are more suited in certain conditions. The popular usage of mini dental implants is for the purpose of denture stabilization and improving its integrity with the jawbone. Patients who are comfortable using dentures can benefit from these implants to help their dentures stay firmly in place. A mini implant procedure can be completed within two to three hours and takes just a single visit of the patient to the dentist's office.

The regular titanium implant size ranges between 4 mm and 5.75 mm. But a mini implant is just about half the size of the regular implant. This helps in an easier installation of the implant and makes the overall procedure less complicated and less time consuming. Furthermore, a mini implant can be placed in narrower spots that would be difficult to access with a traditional dental implant. Many dentists report that there are lesser problems with mini dental implant surgery as compared to the traditional implant surgery.

Due to the smaller size of the implant, the surgery becomes less invasive. It usually does not require any cut on the gum area around the implant, so there are no stitches required. When the mini implants are used for denture stabilization, the procedure involves the creation of a socket in the dentures where one or two implants may be fitted to enhance the stability of the dentures.

For patients who cannot afford the high cost of traditional dental implants, a mini dental implant may be a cheaper option to consider. The cost of mini implants may be up to 60 percent lower than that of a traditional implant. So for people who do not have dental implant insurance and are looking for low cost options, a mini implant is definitely a good option to consider.

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