Free dental implants: do they exist?

Whenever you see an advertisement offering "free dental implants," it is advisable to adopt an extra cautious approach towards it and treat it with circumspection. Dental implants are a costly treatment, which gives rise to the obvious question why would anyone advertise at his own expense to offer them for free. The fact is that most of such advertisements are misleading, and intended to lure gullible patients with a false promise of a free dental implant.

If you check the fine print of their offer carefully, you are likely to discover the hidden costs that you will have to pay for the treatment. These costs may be charged under different heads such as the dentist's fees and various technical expenses. Sometimes the costs may include "unexpected costs" for dental problems that arose during the procedure. Therefore, it is important to check the dentist's reputation and background as far as possible before going ahead with a dental implant procedure.

However, there may be exceptional situations when you may be able to avail of a dental implant treatment for free or at a very nominal cost. You should check with the local dental school or university in your area if they have an ongoing program where student dentists need patients for dental implants. Such procedures are performed under proper supervision of a senior dentist, and they are fairly safe and successful procedures. Sometimes healthcare companies and hospitals may also offer specific programs for subsidized or free dental implants under certain terms and conditions.

If you belong to a low income group, your financial condition may allow you to qualify for a discounted dental implant treatment sometimes. You may get in touch with the American Dental Association with a request to locate any dentists in and around your area who may be offering low cost treatment for patients who cannot afford expensive dental implants.

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