The Different Types of Dental Implant Procedures

For people who suffer from the worry and the unaesthetic outcomes of missing teeth, dental implants offer a great way out. Through the use of dental implants, patients can once again have a shot at enjoying fuller and dazzling set of teeth and smile.

If you are hoping to get your missing teeth problem solved through dental implants, you will be presented with several options. In order to know the exact details of those options, go through the following paragraphs.

Titanium Root-Form Implants

Of the plethora of dental implants types available in the field today, the titanium root form is the most used and common. Also known as endosseous or endosteal, root form titanium dental implants are known to be very strong and non-corrosive due to the use of the metal titanium.

Plate-Form Implants

This form of dental implants is different from the others because they are of rectangular shape with one or two metal spikes on one side. These dental implants are normally inserted into the jawbone vertically in order for the spikes to be in the mouth area so that the artificial tooth can be inserted.

Sub-Periosteal Implants

This type of implant is regarded by dentists as ideal for patients who do not have sufficient bone in their jaw for the placement of root-form implants. The main difference of this type of implant is that they are placed over the jaw rather than inserted into it.

Ramus-Frame Implants

Ramus-frame implants are most suitable for patients who have very thin jawbone in the lower area. Ramus-frame implants are typically inserted into a patient's jaw at the rear part of the mouth and also at the chin. Once the dental implants have been integrated into the bone, the next step is the placement of full or partial dentures.

Transosseous Implants

This type of implant is hardly ever used in patients. They can only be used to treat missing teeth conditions in the lower jaw area and are tightly fastened into the jawbone. Normally, they are known to spread all along the lower part of the mouth.

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